Travel Smart with Technology

Traveling can be challenging and exhausting. When traveling long distances, it can even get a little boring between destinations. Today, we have many technology options to help us improve our daily lives and travel experience. 

In the U.S., most people own a smartphone. Unlike previous mobile phones, a smartphone is more like a small computer that can fit in your pocket. Travelers use their devices for booking flights, hotels, and even car rentals. The device allows travelers to easily check-in at the airport as well as track their flight. Airports also accept electronic boarding passes, so you don't have to worry about misplacing your pass. In addition, we strongly recommend saving an electronic copy of important documents for easy access.

Smartphones feature many apps that can help you while you travel. Google is an excellent way to search for attractions, restaurants, and entertainment. The Google Maps app can help you find your way around your travel destination. It even allows the option for GPS to guide you directly to your desired location. For international travel, we recommend Google Translate, as it can help you communicate with locals. 

Between destinations, travelers can also use their smartphone for entertainment. We recommend bringing along earphones or headphones to not disrupt other travelers. This allows you to enjoy music and watch movies on the go. Other sources of entertainment are social media and video games. Forget about staring out the window between destinations or staring at the clock as you wait to board your flight. Have some fun on your mobile device.

Last, but not least, smartphones come equipped with a camera. Capture high-resolution photos and videos from your handy device. Store them on your phone to share with family and friends when you return or share it immediately on social media.

If you find yourself exceeding your phone's data service, then we recommend you book a hotel with free Wi-Fi access. At Quality Inn Richmond, we provide our guests with high speed Internet access from their room and all public spaces in the hotel. We also have a business center where guests can use a computer to check their emails, search the web, and more.

We end this article with one last tip... "Pack your charger!"