Planning Your Next Road Trip

Taking a long road trip can provide a fun experience when planned accordingly. 

The first thing to consider when deciding to hop on the interstate is the vehicle you will be driving. Will it be your personal vehicle or will you choose to go with a rental car?

If the choice is to take your own car, there are some things you should do before hitting the road.  

  • Perform an oil and oil filter change
  • Check your fluids such as coolant, power steering, brake, transmission, and washer fluid. 
  • Inspect the engine belts for cracks and wear. 
  • Check your tires to determine if they need to be rotated or replaced. 
  • Ensure that the spare tire is in good condition. 

 In addition to having your vehicle ready for the road, here are some additional tips to make your trip stress free. 

Review the trip directions. This is especially important if you are relying on your phone’s GPS to guide you along the way. Finding yourself with no cellular signal while trying to determine if you are still on the right route can be agitating. It’s a good idea to take screenshots of the directions.

Keep important numbers written down or saved in your phone. If you run into the misfortune of having a breakdown on the road, having the number to roadside assistance readily available can help alleviate some of your worry.

Too much time on the road can get tiresome and start to stress you out. If your trip is particularly long, it is a good idea to book a hotel room and get some rest. Take a break from driving and find a nearby attraction or eatery. The hotel can provide information on what is available in the surrounding area. 

When it’s time to get back on the road, give your vehicle a quick check to make sure everything is running properly. Following these tips should help you arrive at your destination without incident.

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