Pre-Trip Must Do’s

When we think about preparing for a trip, our first thought is about what outfits to pack.  However, there are other things to consider. Before leaving on your next trip, you want to make sure things at home (and work) are in order.

Take out your trash

How unpleasant will it be returning home to the smell of days-old trash? Empty out any garbage bins around the house.


Throw away expiring food

While on the subject of avoiding bad smells, you’ll want inspect the items in your refrigerator and make sure to discard anything that will be expiring while you are away.


Clean Your home

Yes, the aforementioned suggestions will help prevent bad smells from flooding your home. But you also don’t want to return home and find a dirty floor, unmade bed, or dirty dishes. It’s very likely that you will be tired from your return trip. The last thing you’ll want to do is have to pick up around the house. So straighten up beforehand so you can relax upon returning.


Have a house sitter

You don’t want to arrive home and find your mailbox overflowing with grocery circulars or your plants drying up due to lack of water. It’s a good idea to have a friend or family member come by to check on your house, collect your mail, and water your plants. If you are unable to take your pets with you, a house sitter can also ensure that they don’t miss a meal.


Pay your bills

Returning from your trip and finding several past due bills can be a nuisance. You may find that some of your services have been interrupted due to lack of payment. And let’s not forget about the late fees! Take care of any bills that will be due while you are gone.


Don’t leave pending work

If possible, finish up work projects that may lead to interruptions while you are out of the office. If you must deal with work while you are away, Quality Inn Richmond provides you with free wi-fi access in its rooms and public areas, as well as a business center. Book online and save 7% on our hotel rooms.


By being proactive you can ensure your return home is a pleasant one