Family Travel Tips for This Summer

The last day of school (May 24, 2019) is around the corner for many Richmond students. The summer break is the perfect time for family travel, and we want to make sure parents are ready! Therefore, we have prepared multiple tips and hacks to help you plan your family's summer getaway.

1. Plan your family's packing

When traveling with family, especially small kids, it's best to pack light. However, you want to make sure that you don't forget essentials, such as wipes, snacks, and water (if you're not flying). We recommend creating a packing list a week before you leave. This gives you a chance to include everyday items that are easy to forget.

2. Pack travel entertainment for the kids

Small toys or activities are an excellent way to keep your kids entertained during travel. Small puzzles, travel games, books, or coloring books can keep your kids occupied. If your child has a tablet, you can also download educational games or movies. Please don't forget to download the movies. Otherwise, you will have to find wireless Internet to play the movie. In addition, we strongly recommend over-the-ear headphones for kids. Small kids sometimes have trouble using earbuds.

3. Book a family friendly hotel

Booking your hotel room ahead of time can make traveling much easier. Summer days can be extremely hot, so make sure the hotel offers amenities and services to keep you cool. At Quality Inn Richmond, our hotel features a clean outdoor pool. Perfect for those hot summer days. In addition, families can enjoy spacious double bed rooms or suites for added comfort. If you don't want to go to bed at the same time as your children, then we recommend the suite. The suite features a king size bed and a pull-out sofa bed in the adjacent room. This gives you a little more privacy.

The location of the hotel is also important. Quality Inn is a popular choice in Richmond, KY because of our close proximity to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Book a hotel in Richmond, KY

4. Carry cash (small bills)

Try to carry small bills for vending machines, tips, and other inexpensive items. Furthermore, you want to have cash in case you run into any vendors that don't accept credit cards or other electronic payments.

5. Kid friendly everything

Make traveling with kids easier by planning kid friendly attractions and restaurants. Make sure that the attraction is family friendly, and engaging enough to keep your child entertained. In addition, choose wisely when it comes to restaurants and dining. While you may find that fancy sushi restaurant enticing, it may be difficult to truly enjoy it with small children or a picky eater. Therefore, pick places that you and your children can enjoy.

We hope you find all of these tips useful. Please feel free to pass them along to other parents traveling this Summer.